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Antique Tibetan Rug, Late 19Th C.

Antique Tibetan Rug, Late 19Th C.

Item#: 17499

Antique Tibetan, Himalaya Region, late nineteenth century - A coiling dragon flies in mid air on this arresting antique Tibetan carpet. The pale tan field is otherwise occupied only byboxes tied with ribbons in the four corners. The tan-ground border has a design of serial stylized vases alternating with rosettes. Only the black framing outlines distinguish the field from the border, but here the uniformity of color provides a powerful decorative unity. The drawing, especially the dragon, is exceptional, and the use of the full face, always an artistic means of engaging the viewer directly, certainly achieves its intended effect.

Dimensions: 7' 8" X 11' 7"
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