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Large French Needlepoint, C 1920'S

Large French Needlepoint, C 1920'S

Item#: 17491

Antique French Needlepoint Rug, early 20th century - This striking and unusual antique French needlepoint carpet has a reciprocal allover pattern of interlocking cruciform stars, squares, and diamonds in a dazzling spectrum of colors. The distribution of color is completely asymmetrical and spontaneous, contributing greatly to the excitement of the design. This composition is ultimately traceable to the earliest carpets of the Orient from Seljuk and Timurid times. The border, however, relates to later classical tendril and palmette designs, but utilizing the same rich palette as the field. Masterful in technique and design, this carpet is as unique as it is beautiful.

Dimensions: 8' 6" X 10' 6"
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