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Frequently-Asked questions

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When did Center44 open?  ^ Top

We opened our doors in January of 2006.


What Bus or Subway should I take to the Center? ^ Top

We are conveniently located one block from Grand Central and the Chrysler Building. See our Directions page for detailed information.


Is Center44 open to the general public? ^ Top

Yes. Although we cater to the interior design community, our doors are open to all.


Are there places to eat nearby Center44? ^ Top

There are a wide variety of restaurants in the immediate neighborhood: East and Boi for Japanese and Vietnamese, Ben and Jack’s and Palm for steak houses, Cosi and Hale and Hearty for salads and soups, as well as a variety of Irish pubs and coffee shops. All are located within a one block radius of the Center.


Is there parking near the center? ^ Top

There is ample parking around the Center on 44th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. There is municipal “money meter”parking on the street, as well as three parking lots: one either side of 222 East 44th Street and one opposite the entrance to our building.


Can all of the items appearing on be viewed at Center44? ^ Top

For the most part, yes. However, you should always confirm that what you want to see is available. If the item is available, but not currently on display, we will arrange to have it brought to the center before your arrival.


Have I seen some of your dealers on other web sites? ^ Top

Yes, many of our dealers participate in web sites other than A few of the most popular are,, and If you see a Center44 dealer displaying an item on one of these sites, please feel free to provide us with the dealer’s name to confirm if it is currently being displayed on our sales floor.


I am looking for something specific and don’t find it on, can you assist me? ^ Top

Yes, contact us and let us know what you are seeking. Not everything at Center44, which is 25,000 square feet, can be presented online. We send frequent emails to our dealers with clients’ requests, so it is possible we may be able to locate the desired item.


If I have seen something of interest, is it possible for you to place a “hold” on it for me? ^ Top

Yes, we will hold an item for 48 hours for you. Holds can be extended with a courtesy phone call.


What are the hours during which I can pick up an item I’ve purchased? ^ Top

Items can be picked up from the center between 10 AM and 4:30 PM Monday thru Saturday. Our porter is on hand to assist you any day except Friday.


Will Center44 package and ship my purchases to me? ^ Top

The Center does not pack or ship. However, we will work closely with you and the company of your choice to make the experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.


Can you suggest any movers? ^ Top

Yes. Depending on your needs, different movers may be more appropriate for different jobs. If you should need a list of shippers and movers, please contact the Center and we will gladly assist you.


Can you store my purchases? Can you suggest any storage facilities? ^ Top

There is no storage available at Center44. Please contact the Center and we can provide you with a list of local facilities.


Does Center44 purchase, take items on consignment, or make appraisals? ^ Top

Center44 acts as the agent for the dealers it represents and does not accept items on consignment, nor do we purchase individual items or offer appraisals.


I have an antique (or vintage) item that I would like to have reproduced, can you help me? ^ Top

Yes, the Center has access to several highly skilled artisans who can create perfect bench-made reproductions of an existing items or make an original item from a drawing. Contact us for further information regarding these services.


How Can I become a dealer at Center44? Is there a wait list? ^ Top

We welcome inquiries from qualified dealers. The first step is to send us samples of the material you’d like to sell through us. This can be sent by regular mail or email or you can direct us to your website. We will gladly review your submission and contact you to discuss the possibilities. At that time, we will answer any questions you may have and place you on our wait list. As space becomes available, we chose from the list based on diversity, quality, and the demands of the market.


How can I apply for tax-exemption? ^ Top

Please download this form and fax it to us at 212-450-7975.

Q: What Bus or Subway should I take to the Center?

A: We are conveniently located one block from Grand Central and the Chrysler Building.  See our Directions page for detailed information.